La Isla Foundation started in 2008

La Isla Foundation started in 2008 as a foundation focused on investigating the ongoing epidemic of chronic kidney disease of non-tradiwetional cause (CKDnt) in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua also known as “La Isla de las viudas” or the Island of Widows.

After publishing the first results of its research under the Worker health Efficiency (WE) program, aiming to find solutions to CKDnt in Mesoamerican communities, La Isla Foundation split into two organizations: La Isla Foundation (LIF) and La Isla Network (LIN).


La Isla Foundation was established as a local non- governmental organization focused on local community development.  LIF has worked in establishing valuable relationships with the community and empowering local groups affected by CKDnt. LIF’s main mission is to support affected communities by CKDnt via education, healthcare access, legal counseling access and community development project, such as access to clean water and sanitation.

During the last few years, our reduced budget became an obstacle to be able to advance or work with the community and support their needs. With a modest operational budget, we can resume our work towards solutions to address the impact of CKDnt on the local communities.

Thank you for your support.

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We want to resume our activities to support the community. We want to focus our efforts on three main projects that aim to provide economic support, legal advice and training in affected communities.